New Facebook Application Creates Shopping Tab Through a Feed

December 18, 2009 | By More

shoptabShopTab, launched in October, 2009, helps web based retailers easily, quickly and inexpensively sell more products by creating a shop tab on their Facebook fan page that showcases products from their existing online store.

With over 350 million users and the strong desire for business owners to monetize their Facebook presence, Facebook is a great way to expand shopping interactions and allow fans to share products.

The ShopTab premise is simple – monetize a web-based retailer’s presence on Facebook by uploading products or services to a “shop” tab on a Facebook Page. ShopTab pulls product information much the same as any other eCommerce shopping feed would — and much like a shopping feed, the transaction still happens on the eCommerce website. There’s no need to worry about payment delays, inventory discrepancies, refund issues or other procedural differences.

Rather than taking a percentage of each sale, the ShopTab application charges a flat $10 per month fee, without a contract. They also offer a 7-day free trial.

Small business owners like Tamara Johnson, owner of The Spoiled Mama has found the ShopTab application to be an invaluable tool. “As a small business owner, I’m always looking for ways to increase sales and better compete with the big guys. ShopTab is one of those ways. ShopTab has taken Facebook, one of my favorite customer communication tools, and turned it into a powerful sales tool as well,” said Tamara.

ShopTab eCommerce Business App on Facebook continually evolves and as of December 2009 ShopTab includes the ability to showcase up to 3,000 products or services on a Facebook Page shop tab, upload product categories to allow customers to browse more easily and business customers can upload a data feed that has already been created for other shopping feeds such as Google Product Search through Google Base (Google Merchant Center). In addition, ShopTab business customers can choose from 4 currency options which are currently US $, Canada CDN $, Euro €, and Pound £. To create a custom look and feel, ShopTab business owners can upload a custom Facebook Page shop tab header image to match their business brand.

Facebook prospective customers will find ShopTab very easy to use because a Facebook Fan can search by Keyword, Price or Product Category within Fan Page Shop Tab and be able to easily share a product with their Facebook friends through Facebook Share to Wall feature.

The best way to experience ShopTab is to actually use it – that’s why ShopTab offers a free 7-day trial period for all accounts. During that time, a retailer can upload actual products and learn how ShopTab fits in with sales efforts already have in place. To get started visit ShopTab Application on Facebook, or their website.

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