Strike Up a Conversation: New Tool Puts Chat on Any Website

February 23, 2010 | By More

Imagine shopping online and being able to ask other shoppers where they’ve found the best prices.

Or reading the news and instantly being able to chat with other newshounds. All that and more is now possible with a new browser add-on called Chaggle.

This free new tool automatically places users in the Chaggle chatroom for each website they visit.

“Our goal is to create a truly interactive web experience,” says Clayton Smith, Chaggle co-founder. “Whether you’re sharing laughs, opinions, links to other sites or anything else, Chaggle is the perpetual conversation of the internet.”

When a Chaggle user visits a website, they can chat on line with all other users visiting the site and see comments other users have posted as they passed by. This provides real-time third party information about any website and what visitors to the site have to say about it. It also brings users who are looking at the same site together, allowing them to interact like never before.

For companies who would like to encourage chat on their website location, they can provide a link to Chaggle for their website visitors. Companies can monitor and engage in the conversations happening at their websites, gaining valuable feedback from visitors who are already interested in their product or service.

Chaggle users can rate posts or leave “crumbs” or comments on a specific webpage. They can chat one-on-one, search posts, “Shout Out” to the entire Chaggle community, link posts into Twitter, or even “park” in their favorite chat room while continuing to surf. Users can also create Buddy Lists for their best Chaggle friends, send email messages to each other through Chaggle and send virtual Cheers.

Who uses Chaggle?
“From technical people to creative types, professionals, parents, kids and pretty much everyone in between, we’ve had all types of people sign up for Chaggle,” says Smith. “Whether they’re using it to meet new people, develop professional relationships or monitor customer opinions on their company’s websites, people are constantly telling us about new ways they’re using Chaggle. And that’s what makes it exciting. It takes the collaborative power of the internet to the next level.”

To learn more about Chaggle or to create a free account, visit

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