New Social Media Application Provides Centrally-Managed Presence

February 27, 2010 | By More

San Diego-based Markettarget has announced the beta release of its socialtarget application that allows small and medium businesses to target their ideal customer base across the leading social media platforms.

By integrating support directly for facebook, twitter, yelp, linkedin and youtube, a business can focus on their message and social media presence rather than the complex technologies required for creating a centrally managed and unified presence.

Socialtarget is only one of the many offerings currently available from Markettarget. The company specializes in helping businesses improve the quality and quantity of their website traffic through white hat search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) techniques. Socialtarget is an ancillary service offering designed to complement the existing online marketing efforts put forth by the company.

“We feel that abstracting the technologies allows for a business to have a genuine presence with the social media ecosystem,” said Tim Doscher, President of Markettarget. “By allowing our customers to really be themselves they create a faster path towards building relationships online”

Customer feedback from the prototype alpha release was overwhelmingly positive, allowing for an accelerated deployment schedule for both beta and production versions. The production release date has been slated for Q3 2010. The current beta version is through invitation only, with public signups to be offered in April. For more information visit

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